Reviewing the Act

This act is to ensure that people with disabilities in Ontario are treated with respect and accommodated in the proper way. This act is to assure that there are accommodations for people with disabilities to make sure they have every opportunity everyone else has. To make sure that people are complying with the rules and regulations there are inspection, paperwork, and fines in place to make sure that everyone has an equal opportunity.

This act is put into place to protect and help those with disabilities. Many of the committees that are a member of this act are people with disabilities too to ensure that everything implemented is fair and does not make them stand out. It is to make them feel equal and break the barriers between them and other people. No one likes to feel left out and this is what this act is helping. It is helping people with disabilities in the workplace, in society, and in organizations feel like they belong even if they are a little different. Everyone is to be treated equal and if you are not to comply with the rules set in place you can receive a hefty fine.

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You and your organization, business, or personal self can receive hefty fines if you do not comply with the regulations set by the AODA. These rules are set to assure people with disabilities that they will be treated with accommodation, respect, and equality in the workplace, place of business, and other places.

The committees are around to ensure that these rules are complied with and kept up to date and keep them changing to accommodate new disabilities and new problems that may arise. New rules are added all the time and will be continued to be updated at every meeting. People with disabilities deserve a place in this world and deserve to be treated equally. With this act in place, many people with disabilities are now able to get jobs and make money. They are able to live lives outside of their home and families because they make friends and are working. They feel equal. This is what the act is supposed to do.

If you refuse to comply with any rules and regulations as said before you are subject to fines. You must file your paperwork annually and if you receive an incentive agreement follow that agreement. You must comply with all the rules and regulations set. If you are in an incentive agreement you may have less paperwork to file.

When you are under the AODA you are subject to inspection of your business or organization to make sure you are complying with the rules set in place to help protect people with disabilities. These inspections can be random and if you block them fines can be administered. You are not allowed to block an inspection. If you block inspection a search warrant may be issued to gain entry and then you are subject to fines as well. You are required to follow all AODA rules and comply with them.

The AODA is to help people who have a mental or physical disability and to protect them. They deserve equal opportunities as much as any other person and that is why the rules and regulations are set in place as well as the many committees that have made up the AODA. To keep this community running the disabled have bound together to form these committees to inform, educate, and tell you how they want to be treated and how they should be treated as equals. Everyone in this community is an equal and deserves to be treated that way and that is how the AODA sees it. There are accommodations made for people with disabilities to make them able to be able to do the things that other people can do easily but this is to help them feel like other people. This is to help people with disabilities feel welcome in the community.

The AODA is very informative about their community and they want to inform the rest of the people what they are about and how they operate. With many different achievements and having many disabled people on their board, it is important to them to be able to share with the community how they work and how they want to be treated. They want to enforce the rules so that everyone has a fair chance with businesses and organizations. Everyone deserves a fair chance at getting a job, being in a group, or being able to volunteer. No one has the right to tell anyone no.

With AODA the basics are that it is an equality group to ensure that everyone no matter if they are disabled or not, has an opportunity to be part of the community and give everything they have to offer whether they need accommodations to break their barriers or not. It is important that many people are aware of AODA to make sure that everyone complies with its rules and regulations to make sure that everyone is guaranteed a spot in the workplace. Everyone is equal and deserves a chance to be who they really are. With AODA the committee really wants to ensure that everyone has a chance to get out and experience the world whether they need accommodations or not. This is why a committee gets together to set rules and conducts interviews to make sure that everyone is following the rules.

Everyone is equal and everyone deserves a chance to be seen and show their full potential and this is what AODA believes. They want everyone to have an equal opportunity and that is why so many rules and regulations have been set to help people with mental and physical disabilities get out into the world to work, become part of the community, and be able to volunteer without people judging them and making them feel uncomfortable. The rules are simple and if you do not comply the consequences are simple. All you need to do is accommodate for a persons barrier and you will pretty much be set to go. Everyone who has a disability deserves a chance to be seen and this is what AODA is all about. Helping people with disabilities enter the workforce and better themselves. Make a life outside of a home they are stuck in for so long. No one deserves a life like that and AODA knows that with the rules and regulations set in place that many people will start to understand people with disabilities are like any ordinary person but they just need a little extra accommodation to do the same job as you because that is ultimately what they want to do. They want the same thing as you. They want to get into the workforce and be treated like any other human being.