Our Team

We are committed to working locally, regionally, nationally and internationally as an information and knowledge resource to help people with disabilities develop and deliver their unified message.

In 2012, our organization deployed OADSA, an international distributed computer network serving the interests of people with disabilities. Our organization created many of the disability newsgroups which are still in use today.

Through our work with national partners from many nations, we are unique in our ability to participate in the Image Discrimination campaign for people with disabilities in Montreal Canada and transplant their campaign to other nations to change the face of disability in the Americas, making safer lives for everyone through research, education and training regarding image-directed violence and the ways available to defeat it.

Over the past five years we have been an informational beacon to the world on disability and policy, and through our corporate partners, public sector support in our work, and yes, help from people just like you will will continue our struggle to tell our stories to positive effect around our world.

We welcome the involvement of other media in telling our story. We welcome your donations, through the link below, in support of our work.