Students Are Exposing The University Of Guelph For Abandoning Students Dealing With Mental Health Issues

Students claim the school offers the worst mental health support in all of Ontario. Casey Aonso
Dec. 9, 2018

There isn’t a more stressful time for students than exam season as they attempt to wrap up their semester on a high note. Unfortunately, many students who struggle with mental illness can find this time of year especially hard as they attempt to study while dealing with their own personal problems. Usually, campuses will offer spaces and resources where students can alleviate their worries but when it comes to the University of Guelph, students are saying the reality on their campus is otherwise.

The discussion surrounding the lack of mental health resources at the University of Guelph started a few days ago when a student currently studying at the university named Victoria Raymond started a Twitter thread. Claiming that the school has “the worst mental health support of all the universities in Ontario.”

The student outlined that the school has dealt with four suicides in one year yet continue to market the school as a tight-knit community that cares about each other which she believes is untrue. One of the first issues Victoria explained through her experience at Guelph was that the school only has one psychiatrist. Meaning that struggling students are subjected to ridiculously long waiting lists that even apply to walk-in hours:

It’s worth noting that the University of Guelph is one of the only schools in Ontario that doesn’t offer a Fall reading week.

While one might whittle down a student’s complaint on this to claiming “students just want time off to party,” Victoria, as well as another student who joined in the thread, made a good point:

If the University of Guelph did have a reading week during the Fall semester, that would allow students who need to get their prescriptions filled the time they need to go back home and meet with their doctor. The break in between the semester would also allow students time to catch up with their studies and take some time to breathe instead of going through 12 straight weeks of courses.

Unfortunately, the lack of a reading week isn’t the only issue. According to Victoria, students on campus have even been turned away in crisis situations:

Several other students chimed in on the thread with similar experiences showing this isn’t an isolated incident:

It’s clear that the University of Guelph has a serious issue with the way they are running their mental health resources on campus. Considering that the Twitter thread as of now has 211 retweets and 539 likes, it’s fair to say a lot of people on campus feel the same way.

Considering that students began tagging the University of Guelph’s Twitter account on the thread, one can only hope the school takes the criticism into account and makes some serious changes for next semester. Especially since students are now planning to make prospective students at the school aware of the issue if they don’t make any changes soon.

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