About Ontario Accessibility & Disability Stewardship Association is known as (OADSA)

Ontario Accessibility & Disability Stewardship Association is known as (OADSA). We are helping  community to meet the informational needs of Americans from Commercial to Industrial with diverse disabilities. To promote awareness of disability culture by building bridges of understanding among all people. To enhance our collective quality of life and access to freedom.


  • Help people locate disability information and resources.
  • Help employees with disabilities find employers who are looking for them.
  • Help foster the development of new and useful resources for people with disabilities.
  • Help develop and broadcast disability education for our global community.
  • Help establish greater cross-disability awareness.
  • Help people discuss sometimes difficult disability issues.


We are often asked, usually by someone with a product targeted to our demographic, if we will endorse the product or give it our “Seal of Approval.”

We are pleased to announce our Corporate Partner Program. Our corporate partners have products and/or services useful to people with disabilities and others, and we will be listing corporate partners, and their names will be clickable to help our users find their products and/or services. Corporations and others wishing to partner with our organization may obtain the application form.

We have also decided to license the use of our name and logo for use on certain designated products and/or services featured by our corporate partners. Only corporate partners in good standing may license our name and logo for use on their products and/or services. Information on obtaining our designation for use on your product or services are included in the Corporate Partner Application Form package.


Through the generosity of our partners, we are able to provide services to our constituents throughout the Americas. Our current projects include the Documentary Disability in the Americas, an Image Discrimination Campaign for the United States to protect people with visible disabilities from violent crime, and our role as a partner to Canada’s existing Image Discrimination Campaign, National Partner for the United States’ Census, and partner to the US Department of Justice Crime Victims Unit, as well as providing additional online resources.

Further, we encourage the free sharing of information, the active sharing of access to information resources, and the development of ethical, enlightened disability social policy. We wish to encourage increased quality of life through education and skills development, diverse employment opportunities, and arts and recreation.

Most recently we have partnered with those serving people with disabilities in order to develop protective resources for people with visible disabilities, who are at a heightened risk for violent crime and being left unprepared in the face of natural and man-made disasters. Because our communities may not always be the first to speak to an injustice, we help give international voice to the plight of all people with disabilities.

Our partnerships also include builders and others that are increasing serving an aging market in parts of the Americas, and workshops that help these entities better meet their needs in providing services of greater value to people with disabilities and special needs whose needs have historically been overlooked.